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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sam's Bedtime Routine

Lately Sam has been leaving his room at bedtime and walking into the Living room to grab a puzzle and then go to his room and play with it for a little while. He'll then go back to the Living room and grab another puzzle and will repeat this over and over. It's so funny! I just laughed so hard when I saw him doing this.

Now to the reason I posted this picture. Last night instead of doing his usual ritual, he decided to read some books on the couch. When Mike came out to lay his clothes on the couch for the next day he noticed his door was open and there was no Samuel in his room. He then went looking for him. He could not find him for a little bit. Finally upon closer inspection of the couch he noticed Sam sleeping sitting up with books in his lap! He comes running into the room laughing and he tells me where Sam is at. I then go out and couldn't see him at first. Now you have to realize he's wearing blue jammies and sitting on a blue couch and it was pretty dark. No lights. So he sure blended in. I thought Mike was just joking, but of course when I looked closer sure enough there he was sleeping.

Sam we love you and all the laughs you bring to us!

Laughing Fun With Evelyn

It's so funny what babies will laugh at. Always the most random things.
And yes, Mike does burp half way through. Ev looks confused... :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun time with Cousins

We are all so grateful to have had so many family visits lately. Kerrie and her boys were here for about a month and then Adam, Tezsia, and their boys were here for a few days. Sam had a blast with all of his cousins.

Sam and his cousin, Cam

Once Cam was done with their game, Sam discovered a way to continue. It was so much fun, Kanyen decided to join in.

Sam and Kanyen, had a grand ol' time popping bubbles together. Oh so cute!

San Diego Family!

I wanted to make sure I put the most important pictures on. Good family time. Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. I can't believe how big Bryce and Brian are. Brian was so good with Sam when they were swimming in Grandpa's pool. Melissa is still just as gorgeous and it was good seeing all the family. Grandma looks amazing! Had a little bout there where she wasn't so great, but she got what she needed and was back on track. I love my family and I'm so grateful again for Liz letting us tag along with her to go visit everyone there. Oh and if you haven't noticed they're not the best. But they're perfect to me. It shows how we really are day to day. And Sam wouldn't smile of course. :)

San Diego Fun!


I can drink out of a bottle. :)

Shamu show was really cool!

I got to sit with mommy all day. I mainly slept, but I finally took a peek. I'm so happy!


Sam sure does not like smiling. But Liz's girls sure know how to ham it up!

The Panda's were everyone's favorites. They're so cute!


I was going to sit in my seat, but I threw a big enough fit that mommy held me most of the time. I'm so smart. :)

Sam loved the big chalkboard! He could have been there all day....

...Until he found this treasure!


I'm sleeping...

I'm chowing!

... Not for long though! ;)

Again I do not smile mom! Stop making me. :)

California was a great vacation. Mike was missed though. He had to stay home and get things ready for school and still work at Discover card. Thank you Liz for making this possible. It was a good break from all the monotonous. Sam had a blast! Loved spending time with his aunt and cousins. And Ev, she slept a lot, but she had fun too.